Evolving Parent
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What world will your children enter when they leave home? In a world of ever-accelerating change, let's prepare them for that one.

We're here to help you be the hero your children need as well as the parent you envisioned you'd become.

Don't have time to read all the books, hear all the experts, or keep up on all the recent developments? It's OK - we'll do it all for you and condense it to fit your busy lifestyle.

Episodes include distilled wisdom from experts, cutting-edge parenting strategies, reviews, news of technological developments relevant to your children's' future, and some humor to help you take it all in stride.

You invent yourself. Who you invent is up to you.

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    Using Mistakes to Create Heroes - Episode #002

    Matt goes in depth about how he and Jen took a bad situation and changed their minds about how they should handle it, leading to multiple, positive outcomes. Mistakes were made. A hero was forged.

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    Your child, AI & the Future - Why this show exists - Episode #001

    On this episode, Matt talks about the number one thing that caught his attention as a parent when he was sifting through predictions about the future. He also shares the game that he just started playing with his kids on the way to school that helps get them ready for their day.